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Shutters or contemporary window blinds? The choice is yours.

Shutters and contemporary window blinds are two different types of window coverings. Window blinds are the cheaper option but shutters are generally considered more elegant and aesthetically pleasing. The individual as well as collective advantages of both shutters and blinds are as under.
Advantages of blinds:

  • Contemporary window blinds are cheaper than shutters. Depending on the type required, blinds can be an option for those looking for a low cost window covering.
  • They are also simple to install; anyone with basic DIY skills can easily put up them.
  • Due to the low cost and the easy maintenance they are often used in offices. They fit in a professional office atmosphere better than curtains do.
  • They can be adjusted to block sunlight without staff having to sit in a dark room during the day.
  • There are many options with blinds. You can almost always find some that suit the interior of any building.
  • They are available in many colours and materials like wood, plastic and fabric blinds like contemporary roller blinds.

Advantages of shutters:

  • Wood shutters may be used on the inside or outside. Inside shutters are decorative, but functional, while many exterior wood shutters are fixed, so they don’t close.
  • Shutters are an attractive alternative to contemporary window blinds.
  • The shutters are neat, and plain wood matches to any room décor.
  • Wood shutters protect against sun and heat in summer and wind and cold in winter. They can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of air to enter.
  • When closed wood shutters can be fine tuned to allow varying amounts of light to enter. The slats can also be adjusted to block light out completely.
  • You don’t have to use soap and water to clean wood shutters. A light dusting is all that’s needed.
  • Wood shutters are available in almost any colour or stain. They can be painted in any colour you want. Before putting in the effort, check with the manufacturer.

Both blinds and shutters have collective benefits too. They are adjustable, allowing for the optimum amount of light and air to slip through the windows of room. They are energy saver and in their closed position protect the privacy of inmates in best possible manner. For perfect fit and look they can be custom designed or cut to fit. A final advantage is that both of them are very easy to clean. If handled carefully, both blinds and shutters can retain their look and material quality for a longer period of time.

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Shutters or contemporary window blinds? The choice is yours.

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